Hollie Velten-Lattrell

brings her multi-faceted experience as a designer, buyer, and merchandiser to surface with her eponymous consulting studio. Based on a core emphasis of the creative process, and with a strong belief that thoughtful relationships and collaborative dialogue foster something special, the studio represents a space to bubble up ideas and bring them to life.  

Hollie first launched her namesake line of jewelry + frocks, Hollie Ten in 2004. From there she went on to work as a Buyer for companies such as Forever 21, West Elm, and Anthropologie (where she led a successful jewelry business as Sr. Buyer for five years), and then on to the vendor side as Creative Director. After a by-product of life expansion (two kids!) and passions emerging, it made sense for Hollie to branch out on her own and start consulting. She has since left Brooklyn and is exploring Motherhood through the senses and experimenting with the concept of SLOW CONTENT with her experiential "non- blog,"  Painted Sidewalks. 

  photo  J  ack Jeffries

  photo Jack Jeffries